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Where pioneering technology meets sustainable energy solutions.
With our commitment to “Lighter, Safer, Longer” batteries, we empower
your future by redefining industry standards. Experience the revolution with BEI,
where innovation meets efficiency for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Introducing Lithium Metal

Pioneering the Future Energy
Experience the Power
of Energy Density

Experience the Power of Energy Density

Our batteries boast an unparalleled energy density, surpassing current lithium-ion standards by
over 2x. This means superior power delivery at lighter weights, translating to a remarkable
enhancement in overall performance. Drive farther, faster, and with utmost efficiency with Lithium Metal.

Unlock Longevity with Extended Lifespan

Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and hello to sustainable performance.
Our batteries offer an extended lifespan when compared to conventional counterparts.
With Lithium Metal, you’re investing in a long-term solution for high-performance electric vehicle,
reducing costs and environmental impact.

Embrace Affordability and Sustainability

Owning to our low-cost manufacturing solution, our batteries will be affordable and enable
fast adoption for the greener world. Our batteries have a reduced environmental footprint.
Choose Lithium Metal for a greener, more cost-effective future.

Prioritize Safety with Enhanced Features

Rest assured with Lithium Metal. Through rigorous cell safety and abuse testing, our batteries
have showcased advanced safety features, making them less susceptible to fire hazards and are
UN38.3 compliant. Drive with confidence knowing that safety is our top priority.

Join the revolution with Lithium Metal – powering the next generation of
electric vehicles towards a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future.


Our batteries are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible
with performance and safety at the heart of our technology.

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Lithium Metal:
Fueling Military Innovation,
Securing Tomorrow

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Forward Operating Bases

In remote or austere environments, reliable power is essential for maintaining communication networks, powering equipment, and supporting personnel.
Lithium Metal’s superior energy density and extended lifespan offer a cost-effective solution for establishing and sustaining forward operating bases.
With reduced logistical burdens and enhanced safety, our batteries enable military forces to operate autonomously and effectively in challenging conditions.

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Strategic Deployment

For military operations requiring rapid deployment and sustained power, Lithium Metal offers a strategic advantage.
Our batteries provide long-lasting energy storage, reducing the need for frequent replacements and logistical challenges.
With lower costs and heightened reliability, military forces can operate efficiently and
effectively in remote or hostile environments.

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Unmanned Systems

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ground vehicles, and maritime drones rely heavily on power sources that offer high energy density and extended lifespan.
Lithium Metal’s cutting-edge technology meets these demands, enabling longer flight times, increased mission durations, and enhanced operational capabilities.
From surveillance to reconnaissance, our batteries empower military forces with unmatched versatility and endurance.


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