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tALD Series

BEILab ALD 정보 리스트
Name BEILab Study Series - ALD 2 inch
Main dimensions 1000 x 660 x 1080 (L x W x H)
Substrate heating  Top / bottom dual heat-up for thermal uniformity
Substrate temperature range RT ~ 330℃
Source temperature range RT ~ 120℃
ALD type  Thermal ALD (flow-through type)
Precursor Multi-source supplies
Delivery type Injection of vaporized source with carrier gas 
Highly reliable valves KITZ (JAPAN) 
Sample size 2, 4, 6, 8 inch in diameter 
Loading wafer type Silicon wafer, glass, etc  
Film uniformity ≤5% (Al2O3 within 8”)
MFC flow rate (Ar, N2) 0 ~ 500 sccm
Chamber inner space height ~8mm
Foot print 660 x 1000 mm
Wafer loading Open load
Vacuum gauge  Capacitance manometer (up to 10 Torr)
User interface Desktop-window GUI
Ultimate pressure (rotary pump)

~ 10-3  torr