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Bae Chang Deuck

Dr. Changdeuck Bae

배창득 박사
Materials Scientist 재료과학자
Research Professor 연구교수
Department of Materials Science & Engineering 신소재 공학과
Sungkyunkwan University 성균관대학교
Suwon 440-746, Korea 대한민국 수원시

2014 - Present 현재
Research Professor 연구교수
  • Department of Energy Science / Department of Materials Science & Engineering
    성균관대학교 에너지과학과/신소재공학과
  • Sungkyunkwan University(成均館大學校), Suwon 440-746, Korea
  • 2010 - 2013
    Research Fellow 연구원
  • Institute of Applied Physics
  • University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg)
    독일 함부르크대학교 응용물리학과
  • Jungiusstrasse 11, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
  • 2008 - 2010
    Postdoctoral Associate 박사후 과정
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
    연세대학교 신소재공학과
  • Yonsei University
  • Seoul 120-749, South Korea

  • Dr. Changdeuck Bae is the founder CEO/CTO of BEILab corp., a energy materials company in South Korea.  He is also currently working as Research Professor at Sungkyunkwan University, after spending his postdoctoral training periods at Yonsei University (2009),  and as Alexander von Humboldt fellow (2010-2012) and scientific staff (2013) at Institut für Angewandte Physik, Universität Hamburg (Germany).  He received his BSc degree (2002), his MSc degree (2005), and his PhD degree (2008) in materials science and engineering from the Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.   He is a Gold Medal Winner for the Humantech Thesis Prize of Samsung Electronics (2007).   His research interests include the fabrications and studies of nanostructured materials and devices by atomic layer deposition,  with focus on applications from photovoltaic cells, batteries, fuel cells, and catalysts to spintronics.